Fall 2021 Travel to the UK from Canada during the Covid 19 Pandemic

After 3 long years, we finally booked a trip to visit our family in the UK! Previously, we were not able to come here due to corona virus pandemic lockdowns that started in March 2020. We previously tried to book flights to come home last Christmas 2020, but we had to cancel it as CanadaContinue reading “Fall 2021 Travel to the UK from Canada during the Covid 19 Pandemic”

Banff National Park & Lake Louise in the summer

Banff National Park! Canoeing in Lake Louise Enjoying the breathtaking views Found snow on my hike! Treking about 7.5 K which took about 4.5 hours to get to the Agnes Tea House! I am sure some of you are thinking “oh 7K, no problem” HA! Hiking a MOUNTAIN, not only treking through SNOW PILES, runningContinue reading “Banff National Park & Lake Louise in the summer”

Arcade of Dreams

On Monday we celebrated my roommate’s birthday at a place called “Time Zone”. Time Zone is a HUGE arcade with tons of arcade games, laser tag, a bowling alley, a mini putt and bumper cars! It was such a fun night; it was like reliving my childhood again!When I was younger and my family andContinue reading “Arcade of Dreams”


Yesterday Oprah touched down in Melbourne, and I was one of the lucky bunch to spot her at Federation Square with the Prime Minister of Australia! Before work yesterday I was at McDonald’s getting my daily Internet fix when I glanced at the local paper to see plastered on the front page that she wouldContinue reading “OPRAHMANIA!”