We like to party – Ibiza!

On Tuesday evening we got on a plane and left cold and cloudy Scotland and headed to Ibiza. I have never been on a plane quite like the one we were on, as it was so energetic and wild. People were out of their seats, screaming, chanting, doing shots, it was quite the party plane.Continue reading “We like to party – Ibiza!”

Last Days in Surfers

Tonight is my last day of work! Next Wednesday I will be leaving the Gold Coast and heading up to Cairns, via….ROAD TRIP! I am pretty sad to be leaving my home base in Surfer’s Paradise, and my bar tending job as I have really enjoyed the people I work with, and the people IContinue reading “Last Days in Surfers”

Canadian Friends Visit

Two weeks ago two of my friends from home, Dave and James came to visit me. They arrived in Australia about 2 months ago, and finally were able to meet up with me and Sarah. They took a camper van with three other guys they met on their travels, and travelled from Sydney to SurfersContinue reading “Canadian Friends Visit”

High Tide

The other day I went walking down the beach and was amazed how far out the tide goes when there is a full moon. There is so much more beach exposed, and you can see little pockets where waves usually are pretty high.It was a great chance to get out further into where water wouldContinue reading “High Tide”

Bug Infestation

For the past 2 days there has been the weirdest amount of bugs everywhere in the city. I have never seen a bug in my flat, and for the past few nights the bugs have been so crazy in our flat that we have had to turn off all the lights in order to getContinue reading “Bug Infestation”