Addicted to the Reef

*MORE UNDERWATER PHOTOS TO COME ONCE I AM ABLE TO DEVELOP THEM* Last week I couldn’t help myself and booked another reef trip! I felt that it was necessary to scuba dive once more, as I live right on the Barrier Reef and it is easily accessible as the marina is about a five-minute walkContinue reading “Addicted to the Reef”

Port Douglas: Where the Rain Forest meets the Reef

I now live in Port Douglas, Queensland. It is at the very top North Eastern corner of Australia. I have been living here for about two weeks now, and am working almost every day at the Courthouse Hotel as a bartender. I am really enjoying my job, and the people I work with. It isContinue reading “Port Douglas: Where the Rain Forest meets the Reef”

Continuation of Our Road Trip: Airlie Beach & Whitsunday Islands

When we arrived in Airlie Beach, we spent our last night on land sharing Sangria and enjoying the beautiful view of paradise.In the early afternoon the next day we had a big barbecue and then packed up some small bags and headed to the marina to board out Whitsunday boat. The boat that we wentContinue reading “Continuation of Our Road Trip: Airlie Beach & Whitsunday Islands”

Last Days in Surfers

Tonight is my last day of work! Next Wednesday I will be leaving the Gold Coast and heading up to Cairns, via….ROAD TRIP! I am pretty sad to be leaving my home base in Surfer’s Paradise, and my bar tending job as I have really enjoyed the people I work with, and the people IContinue reading “Last Days in Surfers”

Sydney Aquarium

Yesterday we went to the Sydney Aquarium. I have been to a couple of different aquarium’s before, but this one was particularly interesting as most of it’s ocean life was found right here in Australia! There are many different types of marine life that I have never even seen before. Here is a long neckContinue reading “Sydney Aquarium”