Windsor Castle

On Friday we went to the Royal Families home the historic and famous Windsor Castle! Just like the Stonehenge tour that we took, we again got a small machine that spoke to us when we stopped at certain check points in the castle. We went throughout the castle, which was surround by a really tallContinue reading “Windsor Castle”

The Real England & Stonehenge

Monday morning we took a train two hours to a city called Bristol.  This is the busy Paddington Station. It was cool taking the train as we got to see a lot of the English country side. Unfortunately when we arrived it was pouring rain and we had to walk to our friends flat inContinue reading “The Real England & Stonehenge”

Walking around London Town

Our second day in London we did a lot of walking and loads of drinking! It was the perfect day!  This is the Odeon Theatre. It is known to host all the hot movie premieres in London. Right up my alley of course =) We had lunch an drinks at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant. The firstContinue reading “Walking around London Town”

London, England – Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster, House of Parliament

I have finally made it to England! The first day that we got here we took a walk through Hyde Park and stopped for a rest to watch a small music festival while we tried to catch up on how jetlegged we were feeling.  After a quick break we went on a hop-on hop-off busContinue reading “London, England – Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster, House of Parliament”

I’m off to Europe!!!

Vacation Countdown Four more days until I am off on another adventure to EUROPE! I have been planning on going to Europe for YEARS, and finally the week has finally come where I will be fulfilling one of my dreams and one of my bucket lists! This trip has been years in the making,Continue reading “I’m off to Europe!!!”