The 100th Calgary Stampede

  Stampede Parade! Our Mounties ❤  The Calgary Tower (Ain’t got nothing on the CN tower ;)) Olympic Park from the 1988 Olympic’s Hangin’ out in a bobsled Ski jump tower! The view from the top of the ski jump Heading into Stampede Park where all of the Stampede Festivities take place The Saddledome whereContinue reading “The 100th Calgary Stampede”

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada to all my Canadians back at home! I hope everyone has amazing BBQs, great cottage weekends and plenty of Canadian beer in honour of our amazing country! Since I have been in Australia, I have grown even fonder and have grown a huge appreciation and dedication to my country. I am so extremelyContinue reading “Happy Canada Day!”

Random Facts about Bars in Australia

I have been working at Domani’s for just about 2 weeks now, and so far I have learned so much as a bartender. There are many different things that I have found to be quite different and interesting and I thought I would share them with you. Random Facts:-People call “Sprite” lemonade. When questioned aboutContinue reading “Random Facts about Bars in Australia”