Lake Louise in the Winter

  Three weeks ago I went to Calgary for a work trip, and was extremely lucky to take an extra few days for myself to check out Banff National Park and Lake Louise in the winter time! Myself and my friend met up with two of our good friends in Banff for three days andContinue reading “Lake Louise in the Winter”

Banff National Park & Lake Louise in the summer

Banff National Park! Canoeing in Lake Louise Enjoying the breathtaking views Found snow on my hike! Treking about 7.5 K which took about 4.5 hours to get to the Agnes Tea House! I am sure some of you are thinking “oh 7K, no problem” HA! Hiking a MOUNTAIN, not only treking through SNOW PILES, runningContinue reading “Banff National Park & Lake Louise in the summer”

The 100th Calgary Stampede

  Stampede Parade! Our Mounties ❤  The Calgary Tower (Ain’t got nothing on the CN tower ;)) Olympic Park from the 1988 Olympic’s Hangin’ out in a bobsled Ski jump tower! The view from the top of the ski jump Heading into Stampede Park where all of the Stampede Festivities take place The Saddledome whereContinue reading “The 100th Calgary Stampede”

I am BACK…Off to Calgary

It has almost been a year since I have written a blog post, and it has almost been a year since I have been back from Australia, and I am sad that I have stopped writing! Tonight I am off to Calgary to go to the 100th Calgary Stampede, and I feel that a newContinue reading “I am BACK…Off to Calgary”

Toronto International Film Festival

For the 2nd year in a row I have decided to volunteer for the Toronto International Film Festival…better known as T.I.F.F.T.I.F.F. is an annual event that happens every September in the city of Toronto, which attracts hundreds of top celebrities, actors, directors and industry professionals to our amazing city. Last year was my first yearContinue reading “Toronto International Film Festival”