Major Travel Day # 2

Yesterday I took a five hour bus ride back to Brisbane from Rainbow Beach and stayed the night in Brisbane. Early this morning I started my travels at about 4:30 am where I took a 20 minute train from Brisbane to the airport. At 6:30 am I boarded a flight to Sydney which was aboutContinue reading “Major Travel Day # 2”

Rainbow Beach

After an hour bus ride at 2:45 am to Cairns…waiting until 6:00 am at the airport for my flight…flight being delayed an hour and a half…finally arriving in Brisbane at 9:30 am…taking a 30 minute train into the city…waiting until 2:00 pm for my five hour bus ride…arriving at Rainbow Beach at 7:00 pm….I AMContinue reading “Rainbow Beach”

Australia Zoo

Last Saturday on the Easter weekend, I went to the Australia Zoo; aka:Steve Irwin’s Zoo. It is about two and a half hours away from the Gold Coast. The Zoo is huge, and offers a glance at a ton of beautiful animals, and TONS of crocodiles and aligators! HUGE turtlesCassowary At the beginning of theContinue reading “Australia Zoo”

More Canadian Friend Encounters

Last weekend Sarah and I met up with some more friends from University in Brisbane. Our friends Andrew and J.J. go to school in Canberra for Hotel Management, and they also took a roadtrip from Canberra up to Brisbane. So we went up and met them in the city to catch up and have aContinue reading “More Canadian Friend Encounters”

Australia Day & Brisbane

On Wednesday, Australia celebrated AUSTRALIA DAY! Australia Day is very much like Canada Day. Everyone gets together with their friends and family. They have BBQ’s; go to the beach, and have a few drinks! I spent my Australia in Brisbane with my new roommate and some of his friends. It was a fun filled dayContinue reading “Australia Day & Brisbane”