Monkey Mia

***The photos from the first part of my Perth Trip were accidentally deleted, so unfortunately I do not have much of the first half of what I did. Thankfully I did take some photos on my phone*** Two weeks ago I arrived in Perth. It is a small city, but similarly resembled most other citiesContinue reading “Monkey Mia”

Dream World

Yesterday I went to one of five theme parks on the Gold Coast called “Dream World’. It was very comparable to Wonderland, and also has a waterpark attached to it called “White Water World”. There were lots of really fun rides, but when I think about it, Wonderland is such a fun and amazing themeContinue reading “Dream World”

Blue Mountains

Yesterday I took a solo excursion to the Blue Mountains. It was an extremely hot day, but was the scenery and view was worth it! First we went to a native site where they showed us drawings in the stone that have been there for thousands of years. This is a picture of a Kangaroo.TheContinue reading “Blue Mountains”