Super Bowl Monday

Most Australians don’t really care too much about the Super Bowl. In order for us to catch the game, we had to head to the good ol’ American Hooters Restaurant to catch some game day action. Since we are half a day ahead of North America, the broadcast started around 9 a.m. Monday morning, andContinue reading “Super Bowl Monday”

Australia Day & Brisbane

On Wednesday, Australia celebrated AUSTRALIA DAY! Australia Day is very much like Canada Day. Everyone gets together with their friends and family. They have BBQ’s; go to the beach, and have a few drinks! I spent my Australia in Brisbane with my new roommate and some of his friends. It was a fun filled dayContinue reading “Australia Day & Brisbane”

Lawn Bowling

A few weeks ago I made friends with some local Melbourne boys. This week, they were nice enough to invite me over for a BBQ and to join them in a game of lawn bowling. I was so grateful for the BBQ as this was the first time since I left home that I haveContinue reading “Lawn Bowling”