Bug Infestation

For the past 2 days there has been the weirdest amount of bugs everywhere in the city. I have never seen a bug in my flat, and for the past few nights the bugs have been so crazy in our flat that we have had to turn off all the lights in order to getContinue reading “Bug Infestation”


After a week of slumming it, we finally decided to get our act together and move out of our “humble abode”, and to a new hostel. We have learned to appreciate an air conditioned room, a closed window (having people screaming and yelling intoxicated throughout all hours of the night is not ideal), a bathroomContinue reading “Slumdog”

Sydney Tower/Wild Life World

On Wednesday we went up the Sydney Tower. We were able to see the Opera House, the Bridge, and the areas in Sydney where we have stayed. The tower was pretty similar to ours home in Toronto, except the CN tower is far taller, and they didn’t have a glass bottom floor. However, the SydneyContinue reading “Sydney Tower/Wild Life World”