Alice Springs, The Outback & Uluru "Ayer’s Rock"

  Our first stop in the Outback was a camel farm!! We were able to ride the camels, and take photos with them. Before I cam to Australia, I never even knew that there were camels here. A while back, someone imported them into the country, and they started multiplying like crazy. Now Australia isContinue reading “Alice Springs, The Outback & Uluru "Ayer’s Rock"”

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada to all my Canadians back at home! I hope everyone has amazing BBQs, great cottage weekends and plenty of Canadian beer in honour of our amazing country! Since I have been in Australia, I have grown even fonder and have grown a huge appreciation and dedication to my country. I am so extremelyContinue reading “Happy Canada Day!”

Major Travel Day # 2

Yesterday I took a five hour bus ride back to Brisbane from Rainbow Beach and stayed the night in Brisbane. Early this morning I started my travels at about 4:30 am where I took a 20 minute train from Brisbane to the airport. At 6:30 am I boarded a flight to Sydney which was aboutContinue reading “Major Travel Day # 2”