a-MAZE-ing Venice

We arrived in Venice on Tuesday morning and were extremely excited to hit the beautiful canals and start to explore the mysterious city. We had no idea what we were about to get ourselves into. We hoped onto one of the many water taxis, that took us to our bus stop, which was carefully outlinedContinue reading “a-MAZE-ing Venice”

Travel day

After an amazing few days in Portugal, we are off again! This morning we took a 3 hour train to Lisbon then a two hour flight to Barcelona, where we will stay the night. Unfortunately we were delayed about 45 minutes, so we were unable to do too much in Barcelona, as we arrived atContinue reading “Travel day”

I’m off to Europe!!!

Vacation Countdown Four more days until I am off on another adventure to EUROPE! I have been planning on going to Europe for YEARS, and finally the week has finally come where I will be fulfilling one of my dreams and one of my bucket lists! This trip has been years in the making,Continue reading “I’m off to Europe!!!”

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