Roma by day & night – the Vatican, Pantheon, Fontana di Trevi

Early Friday morning we arrived in Rome, Italy. We did not miss a single section to ensure we got a full day of exploring the city, even though we were running on little to no sleep as we had just come from a 6 am flight from Barcelona and had to wake up for 3Continue reading “Roma by day & night – the Vatican, Pantheon, Fontana di Trevi”

Happy Birthday to You! Sincerely…the hospital

After almost a week of being extremely sick with what I thought may be strep throat, we decided that it was finally time to go get it checked out as I was not getting any better. When we were in Lisbon, we went to the pharmacy to get some drugs, but nothing seemed to beContinue reading “Happy Birthday to You! Sincerely…the hospital”

Paradise by the sea – Lagos, the Algarve, Portugal

In the late afternoon on Tuesday we arrived in paradise! Finally we were in for a few days of relaxation! We checked ourselves into a family run bed and breakfast called Villas D. Dinis, which was  only a 5 minute walk to the beach beach.   While we waited for our room to be ready,Continue reading “Paradise by the sea – Lagos, the Algarve, Portugal”

All aboard the night train! Madrid to Lisbon

Saturday night we boarded a train from Madrid, Spain to head to Lisbon, Portugal. I have always wanted to ride in a sleeper train, and that day finally came.    For the second half of my euro trip with my mom, we have Eurail passes. This gives us the advantage to travel throughout different countriesContinue reading “All aboard the night train! Madrid to Lisbon”