Under the sea – Diving in Ibiza

On Thursday I went diving on the coast of Ibiza. My first dive was at 9 am and my second dive was at 4 pm. The first dive, I went alone with a big group of of people, and the second dive Katie joined me for her first ever dive! During the dives we lotsContinue reading “Under the sea – Diving in Ibiza”

We like to party – Ibiza!

On Tuesday evening we got on a plane and left cold and cloudy Scotland and headed to Ibiza. I have never been on a plane quite like the one we were on, as it was so energetic and wild. People were out of their seats, screaming, chanting, doing shots, it was quite the party plane.Continue reading “We like to party – Ibiza!”

Our last day in London – Hyde Park & Abbey Road

Instead of leaving London on Wednesday like we had originally planned, we decided to stay until Sunday, as we had too many fun friends to hang out with, and we really didn’t feel like we got to see as much as London as we had wanted.  On our last full day in London we walkedContinue reading “Our last day in London – Hyde Park & Abbey Road”

Windsor Castle

On Friday we went to the Royal Families home the historic and famous Windsor Castle! Just like the Stonehenge tour that we took, we again got a small machine that spoke to us when we stopped at certain check points in the castle. We went throughout the castle, which was surround by a really tallContinue reading “Windsor Castle”