Manic Manila

Yesterday we arrived in Manila for the first of eighteen days for our Honeymoon.

Manila, by far is the busiest city I have ever been to. With cars, scooters, motorcycles and the city’s bus system called “jeepneys” wizzing past you. Manila is a place to sure find a way to keep you on your toes at all points.


If you thought you could walk down the street with your phone in your face, your wrong. That is a quick death waiting to happen as you are sure to get run into or over by a driver that has people to see and places to go.

One of the most fascinating things I have found so far is the stares from other people. It’s easy to think we blend in until we have small school children pointing, giggling and asking to take photos with us. You almost would think we were mistaken for celebrities, but it is just their innocent curiosity of seeing someone different in their crowded metropolis that it literally stops them in their tracks.

There is lots of history in Manila, a lot surrounds the devastation that World War 2 left upon the city and the unconscious minds of the Filipino people.

It had been quite refreshing to see groups of pre-teen and teenage kids together enjoying their days dancing in park, taking photos, playing games and enjoying one another company. When I think about it, I truly can’t remember the last time I saw a group of teens interacting together without technology by their side and as a distraction to real human connection.

The food thus far has been decent. We’ve had rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even tried a local favourite called Bagnet Kare Kare which was pork belly with zucchini, and bok Choi in a peanut sauce.

We have chosen to stay in the business district of the city called Makati, where the skyscrapers are literally scraping the sky at 33 stories and the haze that covers the city gives it an intimate feel in the crowded, business of the city.

On Sunday we walked around Makati and it was surprisingly a ghost town. Since it is known as the business district with lots of financial institutions and HQ of major corporations, it seems people only travel to this area on weekdays. It was a nice surprise from the previous days chaos.

82F88386-AE0A-4510-A2BC-82D7DF21FA98E04BCDAD-D2CD-427A-8163-B94DC66EBAF4B45CA4C7-540F-41D1-A292-EF115D07474AWe walked around the market where many locals had set up vendors of local fruits, vegetables, seafood and protein.
We were really excited to try some local BBQd street food. We tried chicken legs, prawns, vegetable samosas, and pork crackling.

We walked back to our hotel and spent the day catching some rays by the roof top pool.

Today we are off to Coron and ready to explore more of a laid pack pace of life by the ocean.

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