Why Reversible Bathing Suits Make The Best Travel Companion

I recently got married in Jamaica and had a lot to pack. After many months of searching for the perfect bathing suit to accompany me on our ten day tropical vacation, I found such joy and convenience in having a reversible bathing suit.

swimwear canada
On the beach in Jamaica

Instead of packing one for each day, I cut down four of those days into two bathing suits. Everyone loves to have a new bathing suit look every day, and it made everything so much easier and fashionable by having four different looks with only 2 suits. If you got really creative and wanted to mix and match, you actually could make 16 different looks with two reversible bathing suits.

The suits I got were the Gold Feather Reversible bikini from Arrow & Eve and the Seamless Wave Reversible Bikini from PilyQ. Both incredibly flattering and the colours are so easy to mix and match. Gold Feather Reversible Bikini | Arrow & Eve

The Gold Feather reversible bikini is such an easy suit to mix and match since it is black and we all know black matches with everything. Even the gold feathers and black on the reversible side makes it elegant and easy to match with many different looks. You can look effortlessly chic in the all black, or glam it up with the gold feather. I absolutely love the ruffled bottoms, they make any shape look cute and sexy at the same time, and cheeky too! 😉 Gold Feather Reversible Bikini Bottoms | Arrow & Eve

A new favourite to my collection is the Wave Reversible Bikini. I got so many compliments on this one as it is fun and shimmery, and the seamless material is really different and not something you usually see in bathing suit material. I found this suit to be really easy to wear under other clothing, and since it was seamless, you didn’t get those bulky string lines under your shorts or dress. It was perfect. Seamless Wave Reversible Bikini | PilyQ

In a few weeks we are headed away again to escape the cold and off to Antigua. This time we are super strapped with luggage, so I again will have to hold back on packing seven different bathing suits, and I will definitely be putting my theory to the test and only bringing these two bathing suits with me to stand the test of mixing and matching. See you on the beach! xo

For more reversible bathing suit inspiration and other luxury bathing suits ideas check out Canadian owned Sunvixen Swimwear.

About SunVixen Swimwear: We are obsessed with designer swimwear. Our Vancouver headquarters is home, the breathtaking beaches of the British Columbian coastline, our inspiration. We pride ourselves on bringing you the most alluring fashion, crafted with the highest quality materials that immediately take you on an escape as soon as you step into a suit. 

We know swimwear. The team at Sun Vixen Swimwear is a beach loving, pool party planning, getaway going, day to night swimsuit wearing fashionista brigade. We believe in function and form. When you choose a Sun Vixen Swimwear product you step into the sun, glowing inside and out, confidently diving into any situation.

We love our clients; you drive us to exceed expectations in luxury swimwear and we listen. Reach out, share, comment and let us know – if there is a killer brand you want to see at our shop, we’re experts at getting it for you. 

Step into a suit and let your inner Sun Vixen shine through!

The Sun Vixen Swimwear Team☀️

This post was originally posted on Sunvixen Swimwear on March 4th, 2019.

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