About Me

Love the life you are live, live the life you love.

— Anonymous

I am Lindsay. Welcome to my travel blog. I started this blog in 2011 when I left Canada for 10 months to travel Australia on my own after graduating university.

Writing a blog was the best way for me to update my friends and family about my adventures and to share what I was up to and what I was experiencing.

Writing has always been therapeutic to me and I found true therapy through travel.

I hope my adventures and experiences bring you as much inspiration and motivation to get out there and see this beautiful world that we are so lucky to call home.

I have travelled to 13 countries and counting and hope to continue to rack up my travels and never cure myself from this travel bug that I have been lucky enough to treat every so often.

Want to stay connected? Subscribe to my blog below to stay up to date on my travels or follow me on Instagram @justagirladventures for past, present and future travel inspiration and tips.

Latest Posts

Belem, Portugal

Our second day in Lisbon we decided to head to the town of Belem. There was a lot of history in this little town, and even the place of resistance for the Portuguese President.  We walked around the town, and looked at all of the historical monuments that were set out on the water.  TheContinue reading “Belem, Portugal”

Lisboa, Portugal

On Monday morning, after a long journey on our over night train, we arrived in the motherland Portugal! My mother and her family were born in the Portuguese islands of the Azores, they were from the largest island Sao Miguel. My mother came to Canada when she was 5. Even though we have been toContinue reading “Lisboa, Portugal”

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