Venice International Film Festival

On Wednesday, we walked around the streets of Venice, and did some window shopping. 

They had Pinnochio’s everywhere! He was originated in Italy.
San Marco Square
We had originally planned on taking a gondola ride on our last day, but out last day was filled our confusion once again. We went to get our train ticket, and it took a lot longer than anticipated, of course we got lost, and grew more frustrated as the day went on. Our evening plans consider of going to watch a film at the Venice International Film Festival, which was a 30 minute boat ride away to another part of the Venice islands, so we had to ensure we planned far ahead to arrive on the island of Lido just in case we most likely were to get lost. We were a bit sad we missed out on the gondola ride as we actually had no problem finding the festival as the island we went on had actual pavement roads as opposed to the water roads we had in  the main islands. 
Thankfully we made it to the festival!!!
I usually work at the Toronto International Film Festival, so I was extremely excited to check out this world famous event! Te Venice festival is the oldest one, making this years 70th year! It is my bucket list to make it to all of the international ones!
The stars arrive by boat down the canal!

The day we went to the festival was its opening day! We got tickets to see the premiere of “Gravity”, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Unfortunately, we did not get to see them!
The film was about an hour and a half, and was extremely suspense and kept you on the edge of your seat! It had amazing effects as it was shown in 3D. 
After the film, they had a special presentation which featured 70 short films that 70 directors who were apart of the festival created for the 70th year. Each short was about 30-60 seconds long, and were all different in creative and structure. It was quite amazing too see how different directors think and create what they think is art in a short film.
I was very excited to be apart of this experience, but the Toronto International Film Festival still has y heart as my favourite! I found that we are so much more organized, and the hype is a lot more exciting in Toronto! I now understand why we are known as the “fun and friendly” festival! 


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