The French Rivera – where the rich and famous play

Thursday afternoon, we arrived at our last and final destination Nice, France located in the heart of the Cote des Azur or better known as the French Rivera.

The city of Nice is shaped around the glistening turquoise waters of the mediterranean sea, and neighbors the famous Principality of Monaco.
Our first day in Nice, we walked along the   Promenade de Anglais, and rented bikes and cruised along the boardwalk, people watching and admiring the amazing views.
We then finished off our night at a cute little pub in the harbour.
The next morning, our lovely host made us such a cute little breakfast a top her balcony which overlooked the city and the mountains. It was perfect.
After breakfast, we hopped of a bus for about 40 minutes for a scenic ride into the Principality of Monaco.
When we arrived in Monaco, it was almost noon, and that meant that everyone was going up to the Castle to watch the changing of the guards. We followed them, and saw the guards do the traditional ceremony of changing the guards.
We then took a brief tour of the castle where Princess Grace Kelly once reined. Grace Kelly was a famous Hollywood film star who married Prince Reiner and became the Princess of Monaco. Unfortunately she died in the 80s due to a car crash off of one of the many cliffs here.
We continued our visit to Monaco by touring town the alley ways and walking along the piers.
We had crepes for lunch and for dessert!
We made our final stop in Monaco in Monte Carlo at the famous Monte Carlo casino.
I may or may not have lost a small fortune at the roulette table, but all that matters is I had fun!
After trying our luck at the casino, we were really hot and tried and decided to head to the beach for some relaxation. A friend recommended a small beach town called Villefranche-sur-mur, so we stopped off at it, and enjoyed the last few bit of sun rays.
It was an excellent find as the beaches in the French Rivera as covered in rocks not sand, and this particular beach had smaller stones and wasn’t as crowded.
On Saturday, was our last day in The French Rivera, we figured what better way to spend our full day in Europe than at the beach!
We had our last French meal of mussels and French fries, then headed on the airport to go to Barcelona for our last night!

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