Planes, trains and automobiles! – I’m coming home!

After 6 countries, 5 different languages, 7 flights, 12 trains, numerous buses, taxis, water taxis, subways and bikes I am at the end of my month long European vacation!

I saw many amazing countries, England, Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France. Experienced different vibes of amazing cities, London, Glasgow, Ibiza, Madrid, Lisbon, Rome, Florence, Venice, Nice. And indulged in many many different food and drink cultures from fish and chips, paella, pasties nada, pasta, pizza, gelato, crepes, espresso, wine, sangria, cider and champagne! I truly feel I made the most out of my European adventure! I had a great time exploring, but also am glad to be heading back home where my backpack will be tucked away in my closet, and I can understand the people I am talking with. I will absolutely miss the food, culture, sites, history and beaches! 
We now will await our flight back to Toronto! 

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