a-MAZE-ing Venice

We arrived in Venice on Tuesday morning and were extremely excited to hit the beautiful canals and start to explore the mysterious city. We had no idea what we were about to get ourselves into.

We hoped onto one of the many water taxis, that took us to our bus stop, which was carefully outlined in our directions from our bed and breakfast. When we hopped off, we started to begin the realize it was very hard to try and figure out which direction or which street to ten on as everything was very hard to see, and when we asked for directions two different people sent us two different ways. A great tip that we learned…NO ONE in Venice goes by street names. Apparently there are too many streets in Venice for anyone to remember. 
After about 45 minutes of going in the wrong direction, going down dead end alley ways and almost in tears from the pain of our backpacks, we finally came across two extremely friendly and helpful Canadian men who not only found us the correct directions from their very helpful concierge, but even walked with us to our b&b to ensure we found our way! We’re we ever thankful and relived to FINALLY find our place…then find out we had to carry them seven flights up on our room. Ouch…
Once we settled, we weren’t of excited to try and brave the streets again, but we cleaned ourselves up, and went exploring!
Stopped for a gelato! Much deserved! 
We ended our evening with a quick dinner, then went back to room for an early night as we were exhausted!


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