Under the Tuscan Sun

Late Sunday afternoon we arrived at a precious little villa in the hills of a small Tuscan town called San Ganezo. 

It was so cute and quant, and had the most beautiful view.

Along with the villa, we had the company of enjoying their pets, four geese, two dogs and a cat. At night time, wild pigs and deer would come out around the property. We could hear the pigs, and only faintly see them, but could see the deer close by.
All of the animals were really friendly. The dogs would follow us around to protect us, and when we went for walks, they would lead us and show us the way.
Later that night, the owners son lit up their stone oven outside, and he made us pizzas.
I’ve never had pizza so fresh with a perfect thin and crispy crust in my life!
They even let us try to make the pizzas ourselves, but we soon discovered that it was a very special skill to make it perfectly without burning it or making it fold over.
Cutting my masterpiece!

The next day was comepletely relaxing. We enjoyed a Tuscan breakfast on the balcony overlooking the propety. 
It was so peaceful!
In te afternoon, we went for a hike around the property, read some books and listened to music while laying in a hammock admiring the views. It was the exact thing we needed, as we had been so exhausted from the hustle and bustle of all of the major cities we had just been through for te last week.

This morning we left our villa on the hill, and went back to Florence to catch our train to Venice. 

Fields and fields of sunflowers!

We now are comepletely relaxed as rejuvenated, and are ready to take on the elegant city of Venice! 

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