Roma by day & night – the Vatican, Pantheon, Fontana di Trevi

Early Friday morning we arrived in Rome, Italy. We did not miss a single section to ensure we got a full day of exploring the city, even though we were running on little to no sleep as we had just come from a 6 am flight from Barcelona and had to wake up for 3 am.
We moved ourselves into another bed and breakfast which is located a short walk from the Vatican and St. Peter’s square. For the next two days we will be staying in our own little flat! 
After we for settled, we heading straight for the Vatican museum. We spent just about 3 hours learning the history of the building and all of the artifacts and culture that was inside.
The tall walls surrounding the Vatican.
Inside each room were marvelous works on art on each wall and ceiling. The entire  tour was spent mostly looking up.
There were hundreds and hundreds of statues in every room. Some were kind of creepy, but others were unbelievably beautiful. It’s amazing to think about just how old some of these statues and masterpieces are. Some even dated back to the 13th century!
Hercules and his lion kill.
The floors were their own work of art.
Pope mobiles throughout history.
This is the vehicle Pope John Paul II was driving in when someone attempted to assassinate him in 1981.
They are now forced to be in a bullet proof vehicle. Quite funny to see how much each vehicle changed throughout the years. There was more than 30 different vehicles in there.
On our last stop of the tour, we went into the Sistine Chapel to are the magnificent artwork of many artists, the most well known Michelangelo’s roof masterpiece. 
We were not allowed to take photos in the chapel, but it was nice to sit for about half an hour and listen to our audio guides tells us the story of each painting and it’s meaning. Around the room were paintings of Jesus and Moses, the side walls was the apocalypse, and the roof top was the worlds creation, and the most famous painting of all was Michelanglo’s man reaching out to touch God’s hand.
This room was simple the most stunning piece of work I have ever seen, and now I can completely understand why this piece has been talked about for so many centuries and why it is known to be such a spectacular masterpiece. Each painting  was so vivid, and had so much detail in it that they almost looked like statues or had a 3D like resemblance to them. There was amazing shading and colour that made the characters jump out from the wall. I was in awe, but had a sore neck by the end of it.
After the Vatican museum, we had to get a gelato as it was scorching hot! My friends and family were right…most amazing gelato in the world!!! 
I had mango, strawberry and blueberry. The flavours were so fresh and tasty. I have decided we will have a gelato everyday that we are in Italy. Definitely hit the spot!
We then tried to head into St. Peter’s square to go into St. Peter’s Basilica, but  unfortunately we were turned away as we needed to have our legs and arms covered as we were wearing tank tops and dresses. We were a bit discouraged, but decided we would go back the next day prepared. So make sure of you ever go to the Vatican that you are covered up!
We then headed in search of the Pantheon.
We stopped for an ice coffee.
We stopped in a few different churches
on our search. Each one was special in its own way, and each had amazing architecture, detail and art on the walls, and ceilings. I don’t think there is a building in Italy that doesn’t have it’s own artistic beauty.

So many beautiful alley ways with many restaurants and stores. 
Found it!
Inside of course was beautiful.
We then head in search for the famous Trevi fountain or Fontana di Trevi.
We made wishes and threw pennies into the fountain.
We then found a cute little place to eat in a busy alley.
Italian food at its best.
After our dinner, we were very full, so we walked back to our place.
On our way, it was so nice to see all of the sites we saw during the day, lit up at night.
We ended the night sitting in Piazza Navona drinking cappuccinos and people watching. 
I am absolutely in love with Rome!

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