Happy Birthday to You! Sincerely…the hospital

After almost a week of being extremely sick with what I thought may be strep throat, we decided that it was finally time to go get it checked out as I was not getting any better.

When we were in Lisbon, we went to the pharmacy to get some drugs, but nothing seemed to be working.
So on the morning of my 25th birthday, we journeyed over to the towns hospital. 
Thankfully we were still in Portugal, and my mom, who speaks it fluently, was able to let the receptionist and the doctor  know what my symptoms were. Once I saw the doctor, he had diagnosed me with a throat infection and gave me 3 different prescriptions to take.
We were very lucky that we only were at the hospital for a total of 45 minutes, and then we were sent on our marry way.
After the hospital, we headed for the beach. Thankfully it was still pretty early, and we were able to spend a full day at the beach sunbathing and swimming. My day was not completely ruined after all! 
I originally had my heart set on diving in the Algarve, but because I was still extremely sick with weak sinuses it would cause me too much pain and pressure from the altitude of the dive, that it was too dangerous for me to go.
As an alternative, my mom decided it would be a good idea to go on a 45 minute boat ride throughout the caves and coast of the Algarve. It was quite amazing, and made up a bit for the underworld I missed out on from diving. 

Later that night we went back into the alleyways of town and celebrated my birthday with an amazing seafood dinner.
I had shrimp…
And king crab…
And of course some sangria for celebration! 

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