Belem, Portugal

Our second day in Lisbon we decided to head to the town of Belem.

There was a lot of history in this little town, and even the place of resistance for the Portuguese President. 
We walked around the town, and looked at all of the historical monuments that were set out on the water. 

The Padrao dos Descobrimentoa, a statue celebrating Portugal’s Age of Discovery, along Belém’s waterfront. 

Our view from the top.
View of the Monastery.
The football stadium.
We then headed to the castle on the water. As we were walking we saw tons of fish and jelly fish in the marina beside the walkway.
Lots of fishermen were out, trying to catch dinner!
Belem Tower. Built in the 16th century, meant to be a ceremonial gateway to Lisbon.
Military site.

We then headed into town for
Some lunch.
We stopped at the famous little bakery called Pasteis de Belem, as they are well known for making the original pasteis nada.
It was extremely busy in the bakery, they even had a line out the door. 
Racks on racks fresh out of the oven!
For lunch we had cod fish and shrimp, as well as a Pasteis Nada for dessert.

The tarts that they make there are very different from the ones we make at home. They were a lot lighter, creamier, extremely flakey and warm from being fresh out of the oven! It was a heavenly experience. They were so good, and so light that we had to have two! 
After lunch we started to head back to the city, when we came across the President’s house, and we got to see the changing of the guards.
We ended our afternoon with endless shopping in the main square, then headed back to Ana’s for our last meal in Lisbon.
Ana made us another amazing Portuguese meal which consisted of chorizo, a tuna and chickpea salad, cheese and bread and some balcauhal. 
For dessert, we celebrated her other guests birthday. 
Her other guest, Karen, was for France and she was extremely well travelled. She usually takes many different trips throughout the year, and travels alone. Listening to Ana and Karens stories were quite inspirational.

This is the view from her balcony. Such a beautiful spot to see the ocean and the sunset. Ana was a wonderful host, and definitely made our Lisbon experience one of a kind.

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