Lisboa, Portugal

On Monday morning, after a long journey on our over night train, we arrived in the motherland Portugal! My mother and her family were born in the Portuguese islands of the Azores, they were from the largest island Sao Miguel. My mother came to Canada when she was 5. Even though we have been to Sao Miguel, when I was 8, this was the first time the both of us have been to the mainland of Portugal.

At the train station we met a lady named Ana who would be our host for the next two days, as we were staying at her bed and breakfast. Instantly we became fast friends with Ana as her and my mother bonded over speaking Portuguese and learning about each other. Even though I do not speak Portuguese, I could understand a few things that they were talking about. Ana would speak English to me, as she speaks more than four different languages, which was extremely  impressive. 
Her home was located just outside the main city centre of Lisbon, and she had a beautiful view. 
Our first day in Lisbon, we navigated our way through the transit system, and headed in the city centre where we took a trolley ride throughout the city.
During our trolley ride we had to stop as someone had blocked our track with their car.
The driver continued to back up slowly and move forward, but it was too risky to try it without completely damaging the car and trolley.
This caused quite the chaos in the street, and many people started to take photos of our trolley and the car. Thankfully a few Portuguese men got together and lifted the car away from the trolley. 

Portuguese men always have a solution to fix anything!

After our trolley ride we took a walk throughout the city. 
We walked through a beautiful Botanical Garden. 
Up and down the cobble road streets.
The streets were extremely narrow and steep.
We then headed to the main square, where we had lunch and went to the beautiful arch. 

Portuguese cheese and sausage for lunch.
We got a 360 view of the city on top of the arch. 
After our long and hot day touring around the city, we navigated our way back to Ana’s house where she made us a traditional Portuguese dinner with my FAVOURITE soup calde verte, salad, and a rice dish with duck. For dessert we had  some pastis nada, and some custard with crackers. Since I was still quite sick, it was the perfect home cooked meal I needed. 

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