Madrid – delayed flights, language barriers & strep throat

Saturday morning I flew out of Ibiza and into Madrid where I anxiously awaited my moms arrival a few hours later. As I waited for my mom, I ate breakfast, and tried my best to rest up and try to feel better for the day ahead, as I had awoken with a terrible sore throat, a cold and no voice, seemed like it was the beginning of strep throat.

A few hours had passed and I was getting ready to meet my mom at her arrival gate when another person approached me who had noticed I had a Canadian flag on my bag. He asked me if I was waiting for someone who had flown out of Toronto to Frankfurt, as they had been delayed earlier and had missed their connecting flight to Madrid. Now instead of meeting my mom for 11:45 am she would not be meeting me until 3:45 am. What a drag! It was long, boring and painful as I was only on maybe an hours sleep as I had to leave my room in Ibiza at 4 am to catch my 6:55 am flight to Madrid, and on top of that I couldn’t sleep a wink in the airport as I couldn’t leave my luggage unattended for fear of someone robbing me. 
Finally after 6 hours of waiting at the airport, my mom finally arrived, a bit disheveled from the horrible service e from Lufthansa, but more than thrilled to see me. 
From the airport we decided to hop in a cab and head to the train station to store our bags, but when we arrived. We immediately realized how hard it was to find a locker in the train station as nothin was marked clearly. My mom is fluent in Portuguese, so we figured we would be able to get by fine, but no one seemed to be able to help us out. Finally after speaking to more than 5 people we were able to locate the lockers to store our luggage for the day. We then had to try and navigate ourselves out of the train station and into the heart of Madrid, but yet again, we kept having the same issue  of not being able to communicate that we wanted to find a train to the city. Again, we found a hero who spoke a bit of English and could direct us to the correct train line. We then headed into the old historic city of Madrid.
Since my mom was delayed for so many hours, we only had about four hours to spare to your around Madrid. We both we exhausted, so we took a quick trip on the hop-on, hop-off bus and toured around. It was perfect for both of us to relax. 

The architecture in this city was simply amazing.
A statue of Christopher Columbus
After our tour, we hopped off and walked up and down the alley ways where they had many shops and restaurants. We thought it was time we at and enjoyed a glass of some Spanish sangria and some dinner. We sure did deserve it!

For dinner we shared a traditional Spanish meal called Paella, which is rice and lots of seafood. It was simply amazing, and exactly what we needed. The sangria more definitely healed us as well. 
After our dinner, we headed back to the train station to pick up our things and we boarded an overnight train to Lisbon! 

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