We like to party – Ibiza!

On Tuesday evening we got on a plane and left cold and cloudy Scotland and headed to Ibiza. I have never been on a plane quite like the one we were on, as it was so energetic and wild. People were out of their seats, screaming, chanting, doing shots, it was quite the party plane. It brought me back to youth when I used to listen to the Venga Boys song “we are going to Ibiza”. That song described our plane ride perfectly. But the plane ride was only just the beginning to our wild new vacation spot.

We arrived in Ibiza and the town of Sant Antonio at around 11:00 pm and checked right into our hostel which was a few blocks away from the main strip.
The main strip was already buzzing with hundreds of tourists trying to figure out their nightly plans. A lot of the strip reminded me of Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia, as there were so many bars and clubs and tons of promoters trying to sell you in the best deal to come to their club.
We ended up going to a super club called Amnesia where they had about four different DJs and the party didnt stop til 7:30 am. It was the perfect night to introduce ourselves to the Ibiza lifestyle.
In the morning we spent the day relaxing at the beach. 
Yeaterday, we went to a massive pool party at Ushaiua on Bora Bora beach. There were again our different DJs an tons of people from around the world ready to party. It was differently an amazon experience and a night we will soon not forget. 

We got our faces painted for the festivities. 

We met some Canadian friends to party with.

We were front row most of the night.

Swedish House Mafia. Undoubtedly the best act of the entire night, maybe even the entire trip.

We enjoyed to see the show with a view.
Continuation from Tuesday. On Thursday night we went to a night club called Pascha, where we saw legendary DJ David Guetta. 
It was so exciting to see him as I love every song he puts out. He usually collaborates with big pop or rap singers names, and most have heard his stuff on the radio before. His show, like most of the others we went to were full of energy, fireworks, flames, and performers. Ibiza and David Guetta really know how to put on a show! 
During our last day in Ibiza, we just took it easy, as both of us had started to become sick. (I guess lack of sleep and healthy diets will do that to you) So we ended up relaxing on the beach, and sipping some Spanish sangria and taking in our last full day of paradise. 

Good bye Ibiza! You will always have a special place in my heart! Now off to meet my mom in Madrid! 

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