Windsor Castle

On Friday we went to the Royal Families home the historic and famous Windsor Castle!

Just like the Stonehenge tour that we took, we again got a small machine that spoke to us when we stopped at certain check points in the castle.
We went throughout the castle, which was surround by a really tall barrier to protect the family from enemies. 

On the other side of the wall, we can see where guards used to stand and keep watch.

The gap in this wall was used as a look out point. It is long and skinny so the guards could aim and shoot their arrows at predators.
The castle used to have a moat around it back in the day, but now it has transformed into a beautiful little garden. It looked extremely peaceful, and would be the perfect place for an afternoon tea.
This was the church inside the Castle walls. They have had mass at this church everyday for 600 years. Unfortunately I was no allowed to take photos inside of it. Inside was absolutely stunning. Amazing stain glass windows, and extremely intricate details on the walls, and on the roof. 
The church is also the family plot. We saw many past kings and queens laid in there, as well as the more infamous King Arthur, and Henry the eighth. The queens parents were also there. 
Once we completed the church tour, we went inside the castle and went through many beautiful rooms with lavish furniture, paintings and decorations. Most ceilings were hand painted and held breath taking murals. It was so amazing learning so much history, and imagining all that went on in there throughout the century’s. I kept trying to picture myself in the 1700-1800s, and really wished I could have transported back in time. 


Posing with a beefeater. He was actually so scary and serious. Many people were trying to take photos with him, and even though they would be standing there trying to pose, he would keep on doing his strut and routine of adjusting his gun and walking back and forth. If your wondering why we are standing so far away from him…check out that knife at the end of his gun…yup…scary.
At the end of our tour we were quite tried and hungry. We decided the best way to fill our hunger would be to do as the English did and stop for a traditional High Tea. 

Our tea time consisted of raisin scones, jelly, butter cream, and four different types of sandwiches which included smoked salmon, egg, cucumber, and ham and cheese. 


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