The Real England & Stonehenge

Monday morning we took a train two hours to a city called Bristol. 

This is the busy Paddington Station.

It was cool taking the train as we got to see a lot of the English country side. Unfortunately when we arrived it was pouring rain and we had to walk to our friends flat in the rain. 


Yesterday we rented a tiny car and drive about an hour and a half to see the mysterious World Heritage site of Stonehenge. 

Katie driving on the other side of the road!

It was really nice to get out of London and visit a smaller town as London wasnt  what I had pictured England to look like, but as soon as we got out to the English country side, it was everything we dreamed of! 

Finally we made it to Stonehenge!

It was very surreal to be there, as I have seen so many photos an videos of it before, that it was really cool to see them in real life. I never really knew too much about their history before, and knew that there were many many different types of theories behind why they were there, or what their significance was. Stonehenge reminded me a lot of when I went to visit Uluru in the outback in Australia as it also is very mysterious and unknown. 

In the photos below you can see that each one is actually completely different. The more we seemed to move around the formation the more the weather seemed to keep changing. It was a really amazing thing to witness. Made their significance a little bit more mysterious and fascinating. 

Since I didn’t know too much about their history, I was so happy to go out that we were receiving small machines to listen to  while we walked around them. It took about an hour or so, and each stop had something new to share about the stones. They told us where they think they came from, why they think they are there, and what they potentially mean. I was so thankful to have this device as it made me learn so much about them, and it really made you look and analyze them. It was a great time to sit and reflect. I was truly jealous that they did not have this for Uluru.

To me, it seems like they are a calendar or a clock. At each month the sun will be in a different part of the formation, and the strongest signs of it being a calendar is when it shines on the summer and winter solaces. 

It was truly magical and fascinating. It definitely gave me a great appreciation and a new perspective of them. 

This is a photo of what they assumed it to have originally looked like. Unfortunately throughout the years many different things have happened for them to be out of formation; people have taken stones for their homes or for buildings, tourists have scraped off some to take home, but mostly some have fallen over. 

We ended our last night in Bristol going out for Tapas and some wine! 

This was chorizo, prawns & crayfish, and some sort of cheese balls. Delicious!

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