I’m off to Europe!!!

Four more days until I am off on another adventure to EUROPE!

I have been planning on going to Europe for YEARS, and finally the week has finally come where I will be fulfilling one of my dreams and one of my bucket lists!

This trip has been years in the making, as I had originally planned to do a Euro trip a few years ago after I graduated university, but instead opted to go to Australia instead! Of course…I do not regret this decision, as I absolutely loved Australia, and miss it everyday, but FINALLY I am going to make this trip!

I have offically been planning this trip since last summer, when I decided I was going to suck it up, and bank my vacation days to take off for a full month the following summer. Although it was EXTREMELY painful to watch people go off for a few weeks last summer as I slaved away in the office, finally all my hard work, and effort has paid off, and the waiting game is OVER!

My trip will start in jolly old England with one of my best friends. After a few days in London we will head up to Scotland, possibly Ireland, then head to the tropical Spanish island Ibiza. After Ibiza, I will be meeting my mother in Madrid, where we will start off on a night train to Lisbon, head on over to the Algarve, fly over to ancient Rome, spend a few days in a farm house in Tuscany, experience the 70th film festival in Venice, then soak up our last few days on the French Riveria in Nice.

I cannot wait to start my new adventures, and experience all the amazing food, culture, history and of course WINE that Europe will bring my way!

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