Toronto International Film Festival

For the 2nd year in a row I have decided to volunteer for the Toronto International Film Festival…better known as T.I.F.F.

T.I.F.F. is an annual event that happens every September in the city of Toronto, which attracts hundreds of top celebrities, actors, directors and industry professionals to our amazing city.

Last year was my first year participating in the film festival, and I instantly fell in love! However, this was not my first film festival that I worked at.

Three years ago I worked at the Grand River Film Festival which is located in the Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge area. My role at the festival was to plan, execute and organize the film festival while focusing on the interest of the students and the youth in the community. I was one of three students who were head of the Student Committee whose jobs were to organize which movies to screen at our University, come up with ideas and concepts of advertising within the student body, and responsible in helping the entire festival come together for it’s first year.

There is a lot of hard work that goes into a film festival, and most of its work comes from volunteers who do not get paid, but people who come together out of their love and passion for film.

This year one perk of being apart of the group of returning volunteers of T.I.F.F. I was lucky enough to get chosen to be apart of apart 40 volunteers who got to be apart of the “volunteer appreciation” trailer, which will be screened before every film shown at the festival this year in honour of thanking the volunteers who help make this spectacular festival happen.

So last week I went down to Toronto at 5:30 am to be apart of the filming all day. Even though it was extremely earlier in the morning to be up, I was ecstatic to have this opportunity, and was thrilled at the chance to be apart of this. The day was filled with two different scenes that we had to shoot, over and over again.These scenes probably will be about 10-15 seconds long, but they took about 2 hours to complete. It is truly amazing how much time and effort goes into a commercial, or a trailer. It is hard to believe just how much effort goes into a full length movie! There wasn’t even any dialogue in any of these scenes!

I cannot tell you any more details on what we filmed, but all I can tell you is to look out for me on the big screen before every film showed at the festival.

I finished off the long day with an orientation for returning volunteers, briefing us on the 2011 year. After the orientation I was officially pumped to be back with T.I.F.F. again, and cannot wait for the festival in September!

If you are a film lover and want to volunteer with one the best film festival in the world check out

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