After 8 months and 1 week…
100s of new friends…
11 flights…
10 hostels…
7 buses…
5 different states…
4 capital cities…
1 campervan…
1 apartment…

I am back home in Brampton, Ontario, Canada!

I was greeted by my parents, my cousin Lisa and my Auntie Olga and Uncle Joe at the airport. It was extremely exciting and emotional to see them when I arrived. Throughout the past week since I have been home, I have been busy non stop visiting friends and family, and just enjoying being back in my own home and loving the beautiful Canadian summer. It has been so exciting to see everyone, and realize that I fit right back in!

The past eight months I have seen the best of the best beaches, wildlife, scenery and have met the most amazing people from all over the world. I had my ups and downs, my depressing moments, thrilling adventures and made memories that I will never forget. I would not change anything about my trip, and I am extremely lucky that I was able to do and see absolutely everything I intended!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who stuck by me through all the hard times, and who continued to keep in touch with me. Words cannot express just how much every little e-mail, comment, skype date, instant message meant to me. I truly am blessed with the most amazing friends and family in the world. And thank you for continuing to keep in touch with what was going on in my life, and following my journey.

As of for my next move, I have not completely decided where my life will take me next, I just know that there is something bright and successful in my future, and I cannot wait to see where it takes me!
***I would like to continue my blog, not only for travel purposes, but to continue to write about where my life may take me next!***

One thought on “CANADA!

  1. Glad to have you home Lindsay.. Enjoyed each entry that you made and I know a lot more about Australia. Your pictures are amazing and we all feel like we were right there along with you. You have taught your followers a lot about taking risks and enjoying new experiences. Good luck in your next chapter of life.


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