Fraser Island


This past weekend I went to Fraser Island for three days and two nights camping.

Fraser Island is an island right off of the coast about twenty minutes from Rainbow Beach. We went in groups of about seven or eight people in a 4-wheel drive car. This tour we got to direct and drive ourselves, which was pretty fun.

In order to get to Fraser Island, we had to jump on a boat that took about ten minutes to get across to the island.

Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island, so as soon as we arrived on the island, we had to switch into 4-wheel drive and start our journey along the sandy beach.

On our first day we went to take a look at beautiful Lake Mackenzie. All of the lakes on Fraser Island are fresh water lakes. Lake Mackenzie was such a hidden little paradise with crystal clear turquoise water, and silica fine sand. We spent about an hour swimming and sunbathing along the beach.

After Lake Mackenzie, we started our journey to our campsite, where we made dinner, and settled in for the night. At night is when the dingo’s are known to come out. The island is known to have a huge population of Australia’s dingo’s, who can become quite vicious if provoked or bothered. Before we got to the island we were briefed on how to handle dingo encounters.

While we were eating dinner we did come across a few dingo’s hunting around our campsite in hope of finding some food. Thankfully they did not cause harm or come too close, they just curiously looked on.

The next day we went to check out a look out point called Indian Head. Since we are in the middle of whale season at the moment, we were lucky enough to see groups of humpback whales jumping right off the coast. It was really amazing to watch the enormous creatures jump and play in the water.
After Indian Head, we were taken to a stream that flows rapid enough that if you just sit in it, it will push you along. It was a little bit cold, but pretty fun to walk through.

Along one of the beaches is a boat that has been shipwrecked against the shore since 1935. The boat was said to be one of the fastest luxury liners that sailed frequently from Australia to New Zealand, Japan and even Canada. As it got old the Japanese decided they wanted to take the ship for scrap metal and they decided to tow the boat to Japan. During this time there happened to be a big storm, and the line in the tow snapped, which caused the boat to drift into Fraser’s shores. Thankfully no one was hurt.

Later on that night, we once again went back to our campsite, and enjoyed some hanging out on the beach.

On our last day, we headed off to one of the other lakes on the island. This is surrounded basically by a desert and is pushed in the corner by a huge sand dune. This sand dune is an ever-moving desert, that one day will completely fill the lake up. It was really fun to run across the sand desert, and then make your way down into the lake.

On our drive home, I was lucky enough to have a friend teach me how to drive our vehicle, as I have never drove a car that was manual before. At first it was kind of confusing to understand and get used to, but once we started going, I was able to catch on and feel out when the gears should be changed. It was a lot of fun powering through the sand right next to the ocean.

Our car became like a little family, where we cooked, cleaned, and played games together. It was a really fun weekend, and we were lucky enough to explore more of Australia’s beautiful nature, scenery and wildlife.

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