Addicted to the Reef


Last week I couldn’t help myself and booked another reef trip!

I felt that it was necessary to scuba dive once more, as I live right on the Barrier Reef and it is easily accessible as the marina is about a five-minute walk from my hostel.

This time I booked with a company that leaves right from Port Douglas. They were called Poseidon. The boat, and the crew were so helpful, and incredibly patient with all of the divers and snorkelers. They instantly made you feel safe and prepared, and they were extremely friendly and professional.

This reef trip was about 1000x better then my first one from Cairns. The water was extremely clear, the weather was perfect, and I was truly spoiled with the amazing marine life that I got to see.

I did two dives and one snorkel. On my first dive, we saw loads of fish, and the most amazing coral. So beautiful and colourful.

On my snorkel, I saw two turtles! One that was right at the bottom of the reef, and one that was swimming right beside me. The turtles looked so peaceful and they were so calm while we swam around them.

On my second dive, we went to one of the most amazing reefs, and I was blown away with what I saw.

At one point, the instructor pulled me to apart of the reef and pointed to a place in the sand. At first I didn’t see anything there, but as I looked closer I could see that there was something under the sand. At first sight I thought that maybe it was a crab or a lobster, then he clapped his hand by it and it started to erupt out of the sand and to my surprise a white stingray flapped from under the sand and up. It was such a pretty sight to see as it flapped from right under us and onto another place on the ocean floor.

As we continued checking out a part of the coral, the instructor pointed in the distance, and suddenly there was a SHARK swimming right by us!!! Surprisingly I wasn’t scared at all, but extremely fascinated at how beautiful and calm it was. I am sure the shark was aware that we were there, but it did not seem to be bothered by us, or even be the slightest bit interested in us. It just carried on stalking the waters for prey and minded it’s own business. It was such a magical experience seeing a shark swim in the waters with you. This is the complete opposite of how I have felt about them in the past.

After we saw a shark we were able to check out some clams, and even were able to pick up a sea cucumber. When we picked them up, they stick to you as a defense mechanism, kind of like a band-aid or two pieces of Velcro. It was such an unreal feeling, a sea animal sticking to you.

As soon as I got out of the water, it was like coming back to a different reality. Like I have mentioned before, diving is an experience that you cannot explain, or cannot define. You feel like you are sucked into an unknown, secret, sacred world that only you can experience and discover for yourself.

It was incredible how different the locations were that I went to when I dove in Cairns, and when I dove in Port Douglas. Apparently the best diving is up where I am living, as Cairns is a little too overdone with tourists, and the reef up here is still untouched and undiscovered. Everyday is paradise here!

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