Port Douglas: Where the Rain Forest meets the Reef

I now live in Port Douglas, Queensland. It is at the very top North Eastern corner of Australia.

I have been living here for about two weeks now, and am working almost every day at the Courthouse Hotel as a bartender. I am really enjoying my job, and the people I work with. It is such a laid back place, and the people are so nice. Everyone is on vacation here! My friend James came up to meet me from Bundaburg and he now lives here to Port Douglas is a beautiful little harbour town, right at the edge of the Barrier Reef and next to endless mountains of rain forest.

There is a beautiful beach here called Four Mile Beach…it actually is a little bit longer than four miles I have heard.

On my days off I like to rent a bike from my hostel, and ride around the town. It is so relaxing, and brings me back to my childhood days of bike riding.

Every Wednesday in town, if you make your way to the Yacht Club, some of the locals are nice enough to bring you out on their boats for a sunset cruise.
Yesterday, we were lucky enough to make it on one! James and I met with some other people in our hostel to take a cruise by the Port Douglas harbour, and out into the ocean for about an hour and a half cruise.

It was a lot of fun, and the sunset was beautiful. We even got to drive the boat!

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