Last Days in Surfers

Tonight is my last day of work! Next Wednesday I will be leaving the Gold Coast and heading up to Cairns, via….ROAD TRIP!

I am pretty sad to be leaving my home base in Surfer’s Paradise, and my bar tending job as I have really enjoyed the people I work with, and the people I serve. I have also met some really great people, and will also miss my flatmate, but it is time to continue my adventures. I’ve got to let go at some point!!

I have really enjoyed my time here living on the coast, and I will definitely miss my little paradise by the sea. I am also really excited to start our road trip! On Sunday, another one of my friends from home arrives in Australia and she will be joining Sarah and I on our road trip!

We are planning on going to the Whitsunday Islands, and finally up to the Barrier Reef for some snorkelling. I am so excited for this time as I have anxiously been awaiting to make it up to the Barrier Reef.

We are thinking of taking about two weeks to get up to Cairns, but will be stopping in different places along the way.

I have always dreamed of doing an amazing road trip like this, so I am sure it will be one of the most memorable things on this trip!

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