Australia Zoo

Last Saturday on the Easter weekend, I went to the Australia Zoo; aka:Steve Irwin’s Zoo.

It is about two and a half hours away from the Gold Coast. The Zoo is huge, and offers a glance at a ton of beautiful animals, and TONS of crocodiles and aligators!

HUGE turtles


At the beginning of the day they had a huge “live crocodile show” and we were lucky enough to see the Irwin Family!
The family usually isn’t there, but because it was a long weekend, they were there and they were the hosts of the show!

It was really cool to see the family in action, and to see the little girl Bindi, feed this enormous croc!
The Irwin’s were very fun and energetic and really got the crowd going. The show also included some elephants, beautiful birds of Australia and some snakes!

This croc was born in the 1930s!

You also could sit hand out with Kangaroos, and feed them.

Elephants bathing

We also got to feed them!Their trunks were really slobbery when they picked up the fruit.


They reminded me of bigger guinea pigs

This zoo was very cool as a lot of the things were hands on. You could hold and take pictures with snakes, crocodiles and koalas! This was my favourite part of the zoo, I was able to hold a Koala. It was so cute, and felt like a little teddy bear!

I would highly recommend the Australia Zoo to not only families, as anyone would enjoy the joy of seeing many beautiful animals, especially when you get to be so interactive with them.

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