Bug Infestation

For the past 2 days there has been the weirdest amount of bugs everywhere in the city. I have never seen a bug in my flat, and for the past few nights the bugs have been so crazy in our flat that we have had to turn off all the lights in order to get them away from our kitchen and living room lights and walls. Downtown around the lights, it is actually disgusting how many bugs there are flying around. There are so many of them on the streets at night that when a car goes over them all you hear is loud CRUNCHING noises as they get run over. It is terrifying!!Thankfully last night they have seemed to calm down, and there are not as many of them. The locals who live here say that this is not a common thing, and that they have never witness this random bug infestation before.

Scary…the world may be coming to an end after all

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