Arcade of Dreams

On Monday we celebrated my roommate’s birthday at a place called “Time Zone”. Time Zone is a HUGE arcade with tons of arcade games, laser tag, a bowling alley, a mini putt and bumper cars! It was such a fun night; it was like reliving my childhood again!When I was younger and my family and I would go on road trips to visit my grandparents in Florida, we would sometimes stop at arcades. We would spend hours in there competing with each other to see who got the most tickets. My brother and I were known to get quite evil and competitive, but all the teasing and competitiveness only made me stronger when I am faced with a challenge to a game. Getting tickets was probably that most fun thing ever! At this arcade, you pay $20 and you get 2 hours of fun. The first hour you get to play unlimited games, and get 12 tokens to play games where you can win tickets. Technology has stepped up quite a bit since the last time I was in an arcade, and instead of getting paper tickets, you get “electronic” tickets that go right on your swipe card. This way was DEFINITELY not as fun as having tickets in your hand, and knowing exactly how many tickets you have, and trying to tally up how many you need to get that amazing bouncy ball, or pretty pink necklace.

I was able to rediscover my love for driving and shooting games. Some of the games were so interactive and the cars moved and shook when you crashed! Don’t worry, it’s just a arcade game fad…not the starting of a dangerous hobby.

For the second hour we got to play laser tag, and mini putt. Laser tag was quite similar to Laser Quest at home, but Canada proves to shine again as Laser Quest is 10000x better than the laser tag here. They do not have different floors to hide in, the guns are not as high tech, and YOU DON’T EVEN GET TO CHOOSE YOUR OWN NAME! I was stuck with “Sonic”…lame. I even had the perfect name picked out. Very unimpressed. Mini putt was really fun, except it was smooched into a small space so the holes weren’t as fun and creative as I am used to. Sorry…I’ve seen better. On the up side, I took away the crown and won the game! All in all, it was such a fun and eventful night that brought out my love for arcade games and my deadly competitive side. I ended up having enough tickets to buy a bouncy ball, a slinky, and a tiny travel comb…there is nothing like enjoying the little things in life!

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