Dream World

Yesterday I went to one of five theme parks on the Gold Coast called “Dream World’. It was very comparable to Wonderland, and also has a waterpark attached to it called “White Water World”. There were lots of really fun rides, but when I think about it, Wonderland is such a fun and amazing theme park, and probably one of the best I have ever been to with the amount of thrill rides in one park. We did however, have such an fun time and we really enjoyed the different array of rides and attractions.

They had live crocodile feedings.

They would hold out a piece of chicken, and they would jump up and eat it.

The sound of their chomp was quite scary, but very cool to see.

They also had Kangaroo’s running around, they were so tame.

We were even able to pet them.

One thought on “Dream World

  1. I LOVE THEME PARKS! Omg that alligator is HUUUGE, it looks so scary in the pic where its right up outta the water! The kanga is sooo cute though! ❤


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