Good Vibrations Music Festival

Last Saturday was the Good Vibrations Music Festival that I volunteered to set-up.
It ended up being a very successful day, and it was really fun. All of the bands and acts that we saw were great, and there were a ton of people. I have never been to a music festival before, so it was a really cool experience to choose which performances you want to go listen to, and to interact with so many people.

It was such a hot day, so we decided to go in the late afternoon, so we could survive the rest of the night. The evening was much cooler, and less crowded so we were able to survive and enjoy ourselves outside for the rest of the day.

My favourite performance was Ludacris!

He is one of my fav rappers, so I really enjoyed seeing him live, and of course knew every word to every song he sang.


Yolanda Be Cool

Damien Marley and Nas

Miike Snow

It was a great success!

One thought on “Good Vibrations Music Festival

  1. You're effing black, Linds … no, not black enough to date Luda, but tanned as shit. Glad you had fun babe-a-lahhh. Ps. Snoop Dogg guest starred on 90210 this week. For some reason all this Luda talk made me think of it.


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