Good Vibrations Styling, Theme & Set-up Crew

Within the first few weeks of arriving to Australia I decided to apply to some musical festivals. I thought it would be great experience, and also probably full of perks. In late December I received an e-mail saying that I had been accepted to assist in the styling, theme and set-up of the festival. So yesterday I went down to the Parklands where the concert will be held on Saturday, and I helped set-up and style the event.

From 8 am-1 pm, I was joined into a group of three other girls and put to start helping out the team. One of the girls happened to be from Waterloo and lived in Mississauga about 20 minutes away from where I live. Such a small world! Our duties for the day were to help set up this bright pink fabric all around the fences to help decorate and conceal the privacy of the concert from the outside, and also to help make it an attractive looking event. We also helped to assist in colouring the lights, and the bar set-up, by putting up flags, putting up material to change the colours of the lights, and assisting in the signage for the drinks.
It is actually crazy how much work actually goes into a huge event like this. All of the little things, one would never notice. It took us most of the morning to set-up one bar, usually when we arrive at these events, we don’t think past the actual talent on the stage, to really sit and think how many creative minds are out there behind the scenes who help make these amazing events come to life! There are 3 stages and over 30 different performers going from 12 pm-10 pm. This is an annual concert that happens throughout the entire country in three other major cities; Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Since I worked helping to set up the event I was rewarded with a free ticket to the show, worth $150! I am so excited for the huge concert, especially since I was able to see behind the scenes of how it all comes to life. There are some major artists playing, like one of my favs Ludacris! I will let you know how it all turned out, and if it was a success!

If you want to check up the rest of the line-up feel free to go to

3 thoughts on “Good Vibrations Styling, Theme & Set-up Crew

  1. Looks like you had an amazing experience that you can add to all of the other amazing experiences you have had throughout this journey.


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