Australia Day & Brisbane

On Wednesday, Australia celebrated AUSTRALIA DAY!

Australia Day is very much like Canada Day. Everyone gets together with their friends and family. They have BBQ’s; go to the beach, and have a few drinks! I spent my Australia in Brisbane with my new roommate and some of his friends. It was a fun filled day with LOTS of food, and drinks. We played some cricket, and lawn bowled. From all my years of playing softball, I was quite the natural with cricket, except I hit it over the fence more than once, and sort of ruined the game for everyone.

The night before, I went to my first Cricket game. It was Queensland vs. South Australia. It was a fun experience to be apart of, but I can’t say I will be willing to go to another game anytime soon. I didn’t really know what was going on as I am not familiar with the game, and I got quite bored. Thankfully the beer and the burgers were tasty enough to keep me entertained for 4 hours. After the Cricket game we met up with my friend Sarah from home.

The next few days I spent with Sarah in Brisbane. The floods have cleared from downtown Brisbane, but you can still tell that there was some sort of disaster there, as some parts have lots of branches and garbage and most places by the river are still extremely muddy, and the smell is horrible.

The people of the city however, seemed to continue to go about their day. If you were to arrive in Brisbane without the knowledge of the flood you would have no idea that anything ever happened, as the people of the city seemed completely back to normal, and continued on with life on a happy and positive note instead of moping around in their cities tragedy. It was nice to see a city so upbeat and positive.

We walked around the city all day. Brisbane is such a beautiful city. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it, and I encourage anyone who is in Australia to definiately check Brisbane out! Don’t be afraid of the floods from whatever the media is telling you! I promise it is now completely safe, and beautiful.
Later that night we made an amazing dinner…
We made Kangaroo! It wasn’t completely cooked properly, but next time we cook it, we will be pros!
It was still very yummy!
We then went out to see a comedy show which was filled with funny Australians, and a headliner who was American. It is great to be able to hang out with a friend from home.Sarah will be moving to Surfer’s Paradise this week so I will now constantly have an amazing friend to hang out with, and keep me company from being too home sick.

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