Random Facts about Bars in Australia

I have been working at Domani’s for just about 2 weeks now, and so far I have learned so much as a bartender. There are many different things that I have found to be quite different and interesting and I thought I would share them with you.

Random Facts:
-People call “Sprite” lemonade. When questioned about this, they say that “Sprite” is just a Coke’s brand name and that really, it is called lemonade. I have never heard this before, and this could get quite confusing as in North America, lemonade is lemon juice mixed with sugar.
– a “shot” is called a nip
– half pints are called “pots” and full pints are called “schooners”
– a popular drink to get is called “lemon, lime and bitters” or “LLB”, which is simply lemonade (aka sprite), lime juice, and this stuff called “bitters”
– “Fosters” is NOT Australia’s famous beer. People actually HATE that people around the world associate Foster’s as their national beer of choice, as they actually do not consider it a favourite at all. Since I have been around to many bars and restaurants in Oz, I have YET to see Fosters on a tap ANYWHERE! Canada, we are being FOOLED!!! Some of their favourite beers include, VB (Victoria Bitter), Tooheys, Carlton Draught, Pure Blonde, XXXX Gold, and Crown Lager just to name a few. Also the typical imports like Heineken, Stella and Corona are also popular choices., unfortunately no Canadian beer.
– Beer bottles are called stubbies
– They also have Redbull, but they have their own variations of Redbull such as “V” and “Mother”. Some bars even have “Mother” taps so it is easy to make “Vodka Mothers” without using cans. How amazing would it be to have Redbull taps?

That is all of the random facts I have for now…I will keep my eyes and ears open for new ones to add!

One thought on “Random Facts about Bars in Australia

  1. The Sprite/lemonade thing is sooo weird! Wow. And thats hilarious about Foster's. I swear to God, if we had Redbull taps in Canada, I would have already died from a heart attack or whatever they say too many Redbulls can cause. I LOVE VODKA MOTHERS!


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