My New Place!

On Wednesday I finally was able to move out of the hostel and into my new apartment!!!

I am so excited to be taking a break from hostels for a while, and be able to unpack my things, and have my own space and privacy. I am however sharing with a roommate, but I am lucky that he is a laid back and easygoing guy, and so far he is easy to live with.

I am located in a Suburb in the Gold Coast called Main Beach. Main Beach is about a 15-minute walk down the beach into Surfer’s Paradise. Main Beach is a typical place where people come to stay on their holidays, so there are lots of families, and couples around who are on vacation. My place is just a long 3-minute walk to Domani’s, the restaurant that I am working at. The restaurant frequents these vacationers and wealthy locals. It is a cute little resort town, and very laid back and relaxing. It sort of reminds me of place like Niagara on the Lake, filled with little boutiques, fancy restaurants and cafes.

Let me show you a tour!

This is my room.

My living room.

My bathroom.

My kitchen.

My dining area.

My breathtaking view from my balcony. Yes…I can see the ocean!
This little pathway takes you right onto the beach!

So far, I think the balcony is my favourite place to be. It is perfect for sitting outside in the morning eating breakfast, it is perfect for wasting lazy afternoons reading, and it is the best spot to have a few drinks in the evening.

Who wants to be my first guest?

3 thoughts on “My New Place!

  1. The pictures are even better here than on the Blackberry … love your place! I wish more than anything that I could be a guest! I'm sooo happy for you … love your guts!


  2. Wicked!!!!! Holy crap I want that view!!!! I would live on the balcony! Do you get to use the pool down there too? Soo cool. You're soo cool.


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