Surfer’s Paradise

I have been in Surfer’s Paradise for just over a week now, and I love it. Surfer’s Paradise is an extremely touristy place, as it is one of the most popular places for Ozzie’s to come and vacation. It is filled with restaurants, cafes, expensive stores and beautiful beaches. A lot of people call Surfer’s Paradise, Australia’s Miami.

I have decided that Surfer’s Paradise looks like a place I would like to stay and live and work for a while. I started to look for apartments, and was lucky enough to find a beautiful one in a suburb called Main Beach, which is about a 15 minute walk down the beach from downtown Surfer’s. I will be moving into my new place, which is shared with a male roommate next Friday! Stay tuned for pictures!

I have also started my job hunt. I decided this time that I wanted to take a chance on the hospitality industry. In order to work in a restaurant or in a bar, you must receive an RSA, (Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate), much like our SmartServe in Canada. In order to receive my certificate, I had to do an online course, which took about 2 hours, and then complete an online test. The course was fairly easy and pretty straight forward, and I passed! I then started out on the job hunt! Near my new apartment, there is a street that has at least 10 different upscale restaurants and cafes, and is only a 5-minute walk from where I will be staying, so I decided to try here first. Within the first day of handing out my resume, I got a call to have a “trail” at a café. In Australia, most jobs have “trails” where you come in and work for a day, without getting paid, so they can see you in action, and see if you are worth hiring. At 9 am the next day, I went in for my café trail. The trail was fairly successful, and the manager said he would like to see me the next day to train me how to make espressos and different sort of coffees, since I have never been trained on an espresso machine before. Later on that day, I got a call from a restaurant asking for me to come in that night for a trail from 5-midnight for a serving position. So at 5 o’clock, I walked into the restaurant ready to start work. I talked to the manger, and he informed that they did not call anyone in, and that I had the wrong restaurant! He mentioned that if things didn’t go well at the restaurant I was suppose to be at, that I should come back and he could possibly give me some work. So I apologized, thanked him, and walked out to the actual restaurant I was supposed to be at. As soon as I stepped out onto the street, the manager from the restaurant I had mistaken, came running out at me and said, “Wait, come back inside, we would like to talk to you.” So I went back inside, and he questioned me on what the other restaurant had offered me for the night. I explained that I was there for a trail from 5-12 and that it was for a serving position. He bargained with me, and offered that if I stayed and worked for them for the night, not only would they actually pay me for my work, but they would consider hiring me, as they were also looking for someone full-time. I took the instance as a sign of fate that I had walked into the wrong place, and decided to stay and work for them for the night. My job was to cocktail, and work the crowd, as the entire street of restaurants were hosting a charity event to raise money for the victims of the Queensland floodings. I ended up having such an amazing night, and really enjoyed the staff, and the atmosphere of the restaurant. At the end of the night, the manager said that he was extremely impressed with my performance of the night, as I was just thrown into an extremely busy floor, and was able to handle it with confidence. He called me his “angel from above” as I walked in at the right moment, when they needed someone the most. He then offered that I could take the position if I wanted, and that I could come in the following day for actual training. This was such an amazing thing to happen, and I feel so lucky that I was able to get such a great job, at a fantastic restaurant so quickly.

I am now proud to say that I am a bartender at Domani’s Italian Restaurant in Main Beach. The restaurant serves Italian, and Ausralian style food. Which is a lot of different pastas, and seafood. I have never been a bartender before, but I am really enjoying it so far. A lot of things are different here in Australia, as they called pint’s Schooner’s, and 14oz glasses pots. A lot of the lingo is quite different, and the drinks are completely different too. Thankfully the most common drinks are draughts and rum and cokes. But I am excited to learn new Australian cocktails and spirits, and hopefully bring back some new material to Canada! The only thing I am struggling with at the moment is trying to get the right drink when people order. Some of their accents are so strong, that I must ask them numerous times to repeat what they order. This however is always quite humourous, and never that big of a deal. Most are just fascinated that I am from Canada, and sometimes even quite relieved that I am not American…(no offense to those who are American). So far I am really happy with this job, and am enjoying meeting a lot of the locals, and making new friends with my new co-workers.

As I am sure most of you are already aware from seeing the news, but for the past few months, Queensland has been suffering from crazy amounts of rainfall, which has result in massive flooding in Queensland’s Capital and largest city Brisbane. Many people have lost their lives, and lost their homes. It is a terrible natural disaster that has affected the state of Queensland. Thankfully, I was not apart of these floods, but it did hit a little too close to home, as it is only 45 minutes away from where I am right now. For the past 4 days, it has been nothing but beautiful sunny weather, but when I had arrived, it was pouring for about 5 days straight. The rain here is so different from anything I have ever witnessed in my life. When it rains…it literally pours. I have never heard rainfall so hard, with so much at one time that at some points you can’t even see what is it front of you as it acts like a blinding sheet. I have never been so close to a natural disaster before, and it is eye opening seeing the devastation first hand, as many grocery stores have no produce or breads on their shelves, and many fast food places have limited choices on their menus as most of their suppliers were from Brisbane. Hopefully in the next few weeks’ things will clear up, and start to heal for those who were affected in Queensland.

If you are interested in checking out the restaurant that I will be working at, here is a link to their website:

One thought on “Surfer’s Paradise

  1. CONGRATS BABE! So happy you've found a job. That definitely was a sign from above, walking into the wrong restaurant. You're employed AND have an apartment … all your stresses will soon disappear. Love your guts!


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