My date with the Opera House

Last Tuesday I flew back to Sydney from Melbourne and treated myself to a night on the town, and went to see a Christmas Opera at the Sydney Opera House.
Inside, the Opera House is really beautiful, and has huge wooden arches, and some parts are decorated with purple carpet and walls.The stairs are really steep to get to your seating sections…not very friendly to the elderly.

It is such a remarkable piece of architecture, and makes you feel as if you are in some ancient masterpiece.

The Opera that I saw was called the “Christmas Caper”. It is an annual Christmas show that Opera Sydney puts on every year, which is filled with many Christmas carols for the kids, and funny little anecdotes for the adults.
The opera was great for the family, as they even get the crowd to join in at some of the carols.It was a special night out, and a nice escape to get into the Christmas spirit!

One thought on “My date with the Opera House

  1. I am so glad you actually got to see a show in the legendary Opera House! Its something you'll always remember, I'm sure!


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