Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Christmas Eve I went on a party cruise around the harbour. There were two boats, all filled with about 250-300 people…some dressed in Santa suits…other’s dressed as elves or reindeer.On the boat there was a bar, and a huge dance floor, and two balconies to stand on and look out from. It was so much fun, and I met so many cool people. I met some people from Ireland and Germany, and we all bonded over being “orphans” for Christmas.
We had a blast!
The boat went around the harbour for 3 hours, went by the bridge, and the Opera house. It was so nice to be on the harbour at night looking at the stars, and seeing the city all lit up.It was beautiful.

For Christmas Day I went to a party at Bondi Beach called “Sunburnt”. A few days ago I got a call from a magazine called TNT, saying that I won a contest which that I entered a month ago. I won four tickets to “Sunburnt”, surfing lessons and a skydive trip! Whew!
So yesterday we spent the entire day at the party, dancing, meeting lots of people, and sipping on a casual glass of Christmas champagne…or two.
Because we had VIP tickets, we got a free lunch, which included a turkey sandwhich, with potatoe salad and pasta salad…nothing compares to a good traditional Christmas dinner!!! After awhile of dancing in the sun, we headed to Coogee Beach to meet up with some friends for a BBQ and some swimming in the ocean. It did not feel like it was Christmas Day, as I usually spend Christmas day with family, eating, exchanging gifts, eating, watching Christmas movies, and eating some more. But I made the most of it, and had a great time with some new friends, and enjoyed every second of the 30-degree weather we were blessed with. Even though I for sure was missing all the eating, I definitely was not missing the snow!

One thought on “Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

  1. You are sooo cute in your Christmas Eve outfit … I love the little red bow! Sunburnt looked like such a good time … just young people everywhere eh? I'm glad you're meeting so many new friends!


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