Wilson’s Promontory National Park

On Sunday I went to Wilson’s Promontory National Park. This is the Southern most point in Australia (other than Tasmania), and is such a hidden little gem.

I initially did not decide to go on this tour, but I was able to get a free day trip through my work. When we first arrived to the park we stopped at the side of the road, and walked through some bush to get to the other side where we were suddenly greeted by about 30 kangaroo.I was so shocked as they all were just there…so close to us, and they didn’t jump away. They seemed so tame, and very curious in their new human friends. As we walked around the field, we continued to see dozens of them, laying in the sun, hopping around, and just enjoying the day. We also came across a heard of emus. Although, we were advised that we couldn’t get as close to the emu’s as we could with the Kangaroo’s as the emu’s are more prone to being afraid of humans, and will quickly run away if they felt they were threated. The Kangaroo’s were so cute, and they just watched us, curious as to what sort of creatures we were. They did not seem afraid, but seemed to want to know more about us.

After our wildlife sightings, we headed back to the van, and travelled to a spot to have a quick tea and biscuit break. After our break, we all got geared up to climb Mount Bishop. This took up a total of an hour to climb.
We hiked through the rainforest, and admired all the different kinds of eucalyptus trees they have, and also other types of cool plants like tea tree’s, which produces tea tree oil. Tea tree oil helps to restore and heal wounds.

Just before climbing, our guide informed us not to step on any “moving sticks” as they most likely could be a poisonous snake. I started to panic when we started to walk into bushes that were as tall as me, and I could not see the ground below me. How could I watch out for snakes if I don’t even know they were there?! For the entire hour I was completely silent, terrified of what I might come across. Branches kept hitting me, and I kept doing spiders checks to make sure nothing had leaped onto my clothes. Finally we reached the top of the mountain, and all my worries were swept away with the gorgeous view.

On the other side of the mountain, we were able to view the beach. It was breathtaking, and worth the hour hike, and semi-panic attack. It was extremely windy at the top, but was still beautiful.

When we reached the bottom of the mountain, we headed to the beach that we overlooked at the top. The beach is called squeaky beach, as when you stepped on it, your feet would squeak. It was one of the prettiest beaches I have ever seen, with such clear water, and white sand.We got an hour to explore the beach, and the surrounding area. It was the perfect escape, and most pleasurable with the sun and some good tunes on the ipod….ahhh…paradise…

One thought on “Wilson’s Promontory National Park

  1. You're so adventurous! Oh gosh, I would be FREAKING out about those 'moving sticks,' but the view was REALLY pretty. Such blue waters! And of course the animals were so cute 🙂


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